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Last Updated: 11/21/12

Validation of Prognostic and Pathway Signatures in Lethal Prostate Cancer

Phillip G. Febbo, MD
University of California, San Francisco, CA

Dr. Febbo’s program will validate established RNA, DNA, and microarray prognostic and pathway signatures in men with high-risk prostate cancer. It will attempt to distinguish causative pathways from those that merely correlate with aggressiveness of disease. The most promising signatures will be adapted to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues in order to develop clinically deployable assays.

The data generated will be widely shared with the larger investigative community in hopes of accelerating progress toward effective therapies for lethal prostate cancer.


  • The project team includes investigators from UCSF, the NCI Cooperative Group CALGB (now the Alliance), Vancouver Prostate Centre, University of North Carolina, Duke University Medical Center, The Ohio State University Medical Center, Genomic Health, Inc., and Sage Bionetworks.

  • Specimens will be supplied by the CALGB, through both established biorepositories and a prospective trial.

  • Statistical support will be provided by the CALGB Statistical Center.


  • Validate prognostic signatures in localized lethal prostate cancer

  • Validate pathway signatures associated with localized lethal prostate cancer

  • Adapt the prognostic and pathway signatures for clinical deployment