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Last Updated: 03/05/10

Strategy Group Meeting Agenda

November 5-6, 2001

Update on TS clinical trial plans
Study design trials and tribulations Dr. Dan Sargent
Dr. Richard Schilsky
Discussion — Potential problems in designing marker-guided trials
Development of agents that target EGFR and related signaling pathway components
EGFR and cell signaling —
What we know and the agents in the pipeline
Dr. Janet Dancey
EGFR assay development Dr. Barbara Conley
General discussion of EGFR and the laboratory assay issues associated with development of molecular targets
Tissue micro-arrays and their use in the clinical laboratory
How will molecular signatures/profiles be translated to the clinic?
Progress report from the Director’s Challenge and related research Dr. James Jacobson
What are the likely clinical uses of signature/profile information?
Will the ongoing research move toward these uses?
What other studies will be needed?
What resources will be needed?