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Last Updated: 03/05/10

Strategy Group Meeting Agenda

Bethesda Marriott

November 29, 2004

8:00 amRegistration/Light Refreshments
8:15 a.mWelcome and introductions
8:30 a.mNSCLC 101:Current Clinical IssuesDr. Scott Saxman
8:45 amNCI Sponsored Trials in Lung Cancer: EGFR and Other TargetsDr. Janet Dancey
9:00 amEGFR Family Mutations in the Pathogenesis of Lung AdenocarcinomasDr. Adi Gazdar
9:30 a.mProteomics Data and NSCLC: What Conclusions Can We Draw?Dr. David Carbone
10:00 amOutcomes from EGFR and Other Molecular Target Studies: Issues to ConsiderDr. Roman Perez-Soler
10:30 amBREAK
10:45 amDiscussion of Potential Lung Predictive Marker StudiesStrategy Group
12:00 noonLUNCH
1:00 pmNCI updatesDr. Jim Doroshow
Dr. Sheila Taube
1:30 pmPACCT Breast Cancer Trial updateDr. Sheila Taube
Dr. Jeff Abrams
2:15 pmColon Cancer Studies UpdateDr. Sheila Taube
Dr. Kevin Dobbin
3:00 pmAdjourn