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Last Updated: 03/05/10

Appendix A

Summary of State Laws

This summary of state laws does not include full citations for statutes that prohibit discrimination in employment or insurance on the basis of genetic testing or genetic information. There are other comprehensive collections of state laws addressing genetic nondiscrimination in employment and insurance. Therefore, there are complete references only where the statute is relevant for the conduct of research using tissue specimens.


Confidentiality of Health Information

  • Medical records are confidential and are not open to public inspection unless ordered by a court [Iowa Code Annotated 22.7]
  • Iowa law prohibits the release, sales, or use of medical information for the purpose of sales or marketing of services or products. Persons are prohibited from using medical information that is released, sold, or otherwise obtained in violation of this section for sales or marketing of services or products. [Iowa Code Annotated, 144D.3]

Conditions Imposed on Genetic Testing/Use of Genetic information

Legal restrictions imposed on the use of genetic information in the provision of insurance. Discrimination in employment on the basis of genetic information is prohibited.

Permitted Releases of Health Information or Genetic Information for Research


Definition of Genetic Test/Genetic Information

“Genetic testing” means a test of a person’s genes, gene products, or chromosomes, for abnormalities or deficiencies, including carrier status, that are linked to physical or mental disorders or impairments, or that indicate a susceptibility to illness, disease, impairment, or other disorders, whether physical or mental, or that demonstrate genetic or chromosomal damage due to environmental factors. [Iowa Code Annotated, 729.6 Genetic testing (c)]