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U.S. National Institutes of Health
Last Updated: 05/03/10

Cancer Diagnosis Program Tissue Microarrays (TMAs)

  1. Breast Cancer Progression and Prognostic TMAs were constructed using tissue and associated pathological and clinical outcome data from the Cooperative Breast Cancer Tissue Resource (CBCTR). The CDP Progression TMA is designed to permit comparisons of biomarker expression across three stages of disease (node-negative, node positive and metastatic). The CDP Prognostic TMA is designed for examination of biomarkers and correlation with survival and recurrence outcomes in stage I, II and III breast cancer. Both TMAs were designed to ensure high statistical power for evaluation and validation of breast cancer biomarkers.
  2. Melanoma Progression TMA consists of 273 tissue specimens containing nevi, primary melanomas, metastatic melanoma to the lymph node, and visceral and dermal metastatic melanoma. This TMA is designed to investigate differences in expression of markers in various stages of melanoma progression and should be used as a screening array.
  3. Colon Cancer Progression-Prognostic TMA has over 350 primary colon cancers and 100 control tissues and is designed for examination of associations of markers with tumor stage, clinical outcome, and other clinico-pathological variables in Stage I-IV colon cancer.