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U.S. National Institutes of Health

Exploratory Studies (R21 and R03 grants)

Active Program Announcements (PA) and Requests for Applications (RFA)

The NIH offers grant mechanisms with limited budgets such as small (R03) and exploratory/developmental (R21) grants to support the initial stages of research projects. Applications for these types of grants are accepted by the NCI only in response to specific Program Announcements or Requests for Applications such as those listed below.

Current Initiatives

Announcement # Title Expiration
PA-08-267 (R21) Exploratory Studies in Cancer Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis 09/08/12
PA-09-158 (R21) Developmental Research in Cancer Prognosis and Prediction 05/08/12
PA-08-144 (R21) Mitochondria in Cancer Epidemiology, Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis 05/08/11
PA-10-026 (R21) Development, Application, and Evaluation of Prediction Models for Cancer Risk and Prognosis 01/08/13
PA-08-208 (R21) Pilot Studies in Pancreatic Cancer 09/08/11
PA-09-200 (R21) Identifying Non-coding RNA Targets for Cancer Early Detection and Prevention 09/08/12
PA-09-168 (R03) Developmental Projects in Complementary Approaches to Cancer Care and Treatment 05/08/12
PA-08-209 (R03) Pilot Studies in Pancreatic Cancer 09/08/11

Recent Exploratory Studies Funded by CDP provides examples of applications funded in response to these and related prior initiatives.

Full List of Cancer Diagnosis Initiatives